Genie’s Cafe

Updated 2/17/2010 Admittedly, I haven’t been to Genie’s in over a year, but the house smoked tomatoes still won me over last time I was there.  They’re not up to par with how vegan friendly most other brunch spots in town have gotten, but a tofu scramble on a menu is still a plus for me when the rest of your party isn’t vegan!

March 24, 2007
Times Visited: 5+

Genie’s is a breakfast and brunch spot that always has a wait on the weekends. I’ve gone at 9am and still waited for a table. But, with good reason. The reasons would be even better if I was vegetarian or omnivorous, as vegan options are as usual, down to tofu scrambles and falafel burgers for lunch, but I still wait because it’s worth it.
You see, Genie’s has house-smoked tomatoes and I adore them. Add them, along with a couple veggies and garlic to a tofu scramble, give me a side of perfectly roasted potatoes and toast, and I’m all set. Their scrambles are certainly more cooked than other places I’ve been to that are as of yet unnamed, and they also have scrumptious locally made jam. Genie’s also has a very full bar, with house infused vodkas and a recognition for the term vegan.
Again, the choices are small, but get creative with a tofu scramble and at least you’re not eating oatmeal, and your non-vegan dining partners can enjoy their fancy breakfast, too.

Tofu Scramble plate with mixed mushrooms.
jan 08 058

Tofu Scramble plate with house smoked tomatoes, black beans and garlic.
betweenxmasandny 055

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Address: 1101 SE Division st. Portland, OR 97202
Hours: Everyday 8am-3pm


5 responses to “Genie’s Cafe

  1. I’d not heard of this place and now look forward to checking it out for the tasty scramble. From the photo, it seems they mash up the tofu quite well, which I like, compared to chunks/cubes that are less likely to absorb the flavors. I think it would be a nice addition if you could mention prices for items you include. Anyways, maybe see you there!

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